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First year graduate students should email to set up an appointment. If you are interested in doing your graduate work at UTSW, contact the Division of Biomedical Sciences for information on how to apply.

Post baccalaureate opportunity in Toxoplasma research

The Reese lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center has funding for a 1-2 year postbac position to join our team. Come get some hands-on experience studying the molecular mechanism of signaling at the Toxoplasma-host pathogen interface. Whether you're interested in biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, molecular genetics, or parasitology/microbiology, you'll be a great fit. Because of the diversity of our interests, the Reese Lab recruits team members with a diverse set of backgrounds.

To apply: Applicants should undergrads planning to graduate in 2021 (or recently graduated). If interested, please send a CV with cover letter and contact information for 2-3 references to Michael.Reese@UTSouthwestern.edu.

Postdoctoral Opportunities in Toxoplasma Signal Transduction

Reese lab research images

The Reese lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center is recruiting two highly motivated postdocs to join our team studying the molecular mechanisms of signaling at the Toxoplasma-host pathogen interface. We take an interdisciplinary approach and combine methods from molecular genetics, cell biology, biochemical and biophysics to deeply interrogate Toxoplasma biology.

Current projects include:

  • Combining cell biology with innovative cryoET and XL-MS methods to determine structures of parasite complexes required for the biogenesis of the Toxoplasma parasitophorous vacuole.
  • Cellular and biophysical studies (cryoET, cryoEM, X-ray crystallography) of signaling complexes essential to parasite invasion of mammalian cells.
  • Structure-based drug discovery for inhibitors of kinases essential to the apicomplexan lytic cycle (that is, the parasites that cause the human diseases toxoplasmosis, malaria, and cryptosporidiosis).

This would be a great opportunity for someone with graduate training in molecular cellular biology or genetics to learn to integrate biophysics and biochemistry into their research. Those with strong biophysics training who would like to dive into work on an atypical model organism with strong medical relevance are also encouraged to apply. Applicants should hold a recent Ph.D. (or be within a year of receiving their Ph.D.). If interested, please send a CV with cover letter and contact information for 2-3 references to Michael.Reese@UTSouthwestern.edu

Members of the Reese lab have full access to outstanding shared facilities as UT Southwestern, including high-field NMR, X-ray crystallography (with regular synchotron access), and world-class cryoEM. UT Southwestern is highly collaborative institution located in the heart of Dallas, TX. Dallas is a diverse city that is fun and affordable, with great food and arts.

As an equal opportunity employer, UT Southwestern’s employment decisions are made without consideration of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.